Final Reflection, Essay Example

Being an Ethiopian by birthright and a Kenyan by culture, I could say that I was able to realize the truth about society at a very much relative stance with all its conflicts and complex situations all taken into consideration. Nevertheless, I never appreciated how other people realize my history and my culture until now. Reading through the responses of my peers about the culture journal I have posted, I found out how my past creates a relative link on how the world sees politics and social connections. I thought that somehow, in the past, my situation was rather common especially in relation to the condition of living that other individuals the same age as mine experience in their own lives.

Through this particular assignment, I was able to understand that somehow, my situations are rather unique; a matter that basically creates a distinction on who I really am and what I have become through the years. Ethiopia and Kenya are two known countries to be undergoing particular difficulties at present. At some point in my life, I am happy I am out of there and living my life and dreams in another country. Nevertheless, the realization I get from this particular work makes it easier for me to understand how important it is for me to acknowledge the fact that I came from those nations and actually was able to live by their roots and cultures. Being so, I am able to share useful information to my peers about the said countries and make them realize the truth behind the stories that media presents about the people and the culture they live within the said areas of the world.

Considerably, learning through my past and retouching my roots allowed me to see more than what I already know with regards the need to extend myself and my skills to people who really need my service as a healthcare provider. Notably, it could be noted that through this experience-defined background, I was able to see what it was that I needed to do to be able to reach out to the people that I really need to serve. In relation to this, I have began drafting plans that I hope to provide a better sense of value for my profession in the coming years; hopefully serving both the Ethiopian and Kenyan communities at best.

Through a more improved aspect of developing my perspective about the fact that people have different cultures, I have realized that being a healthcare practitioner provides me the chance to look past the differences of the people I intend to serve. The value for their being and the status of their health ought to be my point of focus and likely become more reflective of my culture as a student trying to master the aspects of health service. Learning so much from this particular curve in my course, I now know what I want and thus specifically plan to follow the path that would allow me to take culture as a tool to reach out to others instead of a hindrance to serve their needs.

In terms of professionalism, I am now more than prepared to take note of the fact that people coming from different backgrounds and different aspects of living are bound to develop different attitudes. These matters, I have to prepare for especially if I want to make sure that I give them the assistance and the protection that they need as humans. I need to readjust myself; this challenge I aim to win in the coming years as I take on my oath of serving the public’s healthcare needs.