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Erzberger, H., and Paielli, R.A. (2002). Concept for next generation air traffic control system. Air Traffic Control Quarterly, 10(4), 355-378. In this article, the authors argue that future air traffic [...]

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Annotated Bibliography

China’s air traffic control operates inefficiently as opposed to the United States. As a state controlled agency it needs much help from the aviation industry in updating its seriously outdated [...]

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ENL (English as a Native Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) are two terms that have become common in college applications. It is compulsory for Non-Native Speakers (NNS) [...]

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Turbine engines are considered as the heart of each machine. These part specifically regulates and generates power and function to every machine through managing both gas and fuel. Relatively, such [...]

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Book Review

Introduction It is considered that among all transportation options, flying through air is one of the most crucial choices of operation. Relatively, the fact that there are no roads, no [...]

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Research Paper

The submitted draft is rather clear in representing the most common elements that make up ASRS or the Aviation Safety Reporting System. Relatively though, reading through the words and paragraphs [...]

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