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TITLE: An Assessment of Hospital Preparedness for Emergency Response in the United States ABSTRACT: Objective—This report summarizes the state of hospital preparedness, specifically as it relates to public health emergencies, [...]

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The citizens of United States of America who reside anywhere in the world are subject to taxation from the Internal Revenue Service. In order for exempted of such individuals from [...]

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A Likert Summary questionnaire was given to 10 nurses in the intensive care unit. These were the most recently hired nurses on the unit. All of the nurses answering the [...]

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One of my major contributions to the team was that I kept the team on track and closely monitored the team’s work progress to ensure we do not fall behind [...]

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Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention and consideration to establish a treatment plan. Nurses must provide expert knowledge and guidance in order to [...]

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Research Proposal

As a nurse I understand that there are standards and procedures that help ensure good order and discipline within my area of responsibility.  These standards and procedures are put in [...]

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