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1217 Case Study examples are found

Severe Weather, Case Study Example

The 2019 tornado outbreak was extremely potent and destructive, with far-reaching consequences. A total of 324 people lost their lives, and the cost of this tornado outbreak was the highest [...]

Pages: 16

Words: 4305

Case Study

Boeing Company, Case Study Example

Strategic Analysis (Avc+Vrin) Various elements play a role in a company’s success. VRIN, or valuable, rare, imperfectly imitated, and non-substitutable encompasses, is one of the crucial elements determining an achievement. [...]

Pages: 7

Words: 1808

Case Study

Property Matters, Case Study Example

Case Issue This case concerns the ownership of an investment property purchased in 2005 by two brothers, Denver and Watson. Watson provided £150,000 of the £200,000 appraised value, with Denver [...]

Pages: 11

Words: 3048

Case Study

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