Women and Gender Studies

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Gender, Globalization and Militarization

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Power Point Presentation With Speaker Notes

The Ethical slut The ethical slut is a book that handles facets concerning polygamy, open relationships and other adventures on human sexuality and lifestyles. The book has been done by [...]

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Book Review

Introduction In what can only be termed a very brief period of time, gay men and women have come to  occupy a position in society completely different than that which [...]

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Research Paper

I am not property. In some countries gender dictates rights. It takes sexual inequality to new heights. A battle that America fought and won centuries ago In Saudi Arabia women’s [...]

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Introduction Based on my life experiences to date, I am most interested in establishing a greater understanding of different cultures and to create greater harmony throughout society. I strongly believe [...]

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Term Paper

Social change affects women’s rights on different levels: political, business and non-governmental. The below study is designed to reveal how different players of the society and those who have an [...]

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Research Paper

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