Health Care: My First Day of Clinicals, Essay Example

It was a very interesting beginning of my first day of clinicals scheduled at Raleigh General Hospital. My assignment placed me in the transport unit where my trainer Roscoe Collins oriented me regarding routines in the department. Quickly I realized that the transport unit consisted of far more than merely transporting patients from one location to the next as was done on my first day. Therefore my learning experience began engaging in correcting paperwork related each patient before transporting him/her from the respective e units.

This meant understanding how to transport patients being administered portable and how to manage the process making relevant observations to ensure that the unit remain connected to the patient.  Next, I had to know how to transferred patients from a wheelchair to the bed. Also, I learned how to transport a dead body from Er to the morgue unit. Besides, it entailed knowing and actual practice of moving a dead body while in the body bag into the cold storage unit. Information about each case had to be obtained and corrected before the actual transportation occurred.

Assignees had to ensure that trays on which the bodies were transported changed. This was important since they could have been contaminated with another patient’s blood. I realized that even though the deceased was carried in a bag non- contamination measures had to be maintained. Upon arriving at a different station we had to wait for security to sign off validating our paperwork.  A patient was transported to surgery by us surgery due to an acrylic nail being stuck in her nose. Without this this experience no one can imagine the magnitude of tasks that must be accomplished in transporting patients.  At the end of an 8 hour shift  a total of 72 patients were transported by us.