Hunting, Essay Example

Hunting is an activity which is not encouraged in my family. In many places in the United States, white-tailed deer are rampant; this is as a result of lack of natural predators. The good habitat has also contributed to its existence. The white tailed deer are the targets of hunters. Those who consider themselves neither hunters nor animal activists engage themselves in various concerns for instance deer management, human/deer conflicts. Concerns focus on practical and ethical issues.

Hunting which involves the killing of wild animals for food and skin, used to be part of everyday life. Today the perception of hunting has changed among many families, there has been great concern about safety issues and families perception towards animals are changing, that is majority of people view it as unethical act .I view hunting as unsafe, ineffective, unnecessary and unfair especially to our tax payers.

Much life’s have been lost through hunting for instance approximately one hundred and twenty people lose their life’s as a result of hunting accidents in my home country the United States yearly. This put the entire community at risk.

Hunting does not reduce the population of the deer, in fact it increases since when they remove some the remaining are left with enough food increasing the chances of births of twins and triplets.

Hunting is unethical. Killing any animal whether cow or chicken for food is forbidden I n most cultures. The killing is recreational making it unacceptable.


Hunting concerns may never be solved. The concerns will always continue to handle safety, effectiveness and cost. What bring challenges is the effort to sway people to understand and agree on the ethics of killing wild animals for the purpose of food, trophies and recreation.