Instagram vs. Facebook, Essay Example

When it comes to the use of social media, I prefer to use applications like Instagram over Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. I feel that my preference is directly related to the social media choices of my friends, the fact that Instagram is easy to use and mobile, and that it releases the least amount of private information to third parties compared to other social media platforms.

Instagram has a simpler concept than other social forms of media; you simply take a picture or quick video of something you like, post it, and wait for your friends to either like it or comment on it. It makes sharing photos of you and your friends easier and more meaningful; instead of posting thousands of photos on applications like Facebook, you are more likely to post only the best pictures to avoid flooding people’s newsfeed. In addition, I believe that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for my age group; since most of us have smart phones, it is easy to communicate instantly using our mobile devices rather than waiting to go home to upload pictures. Although other forms of social media take advantage of mobile applications, they usually don’t work that well and it takes a lot of effort to post things; I’d rather just use Instagram and be able to post pictures and messages instantly rather than waiting around and playing with the app to get it to work.

Lastly, I think that Instagram is the best because a lot of people are worried about social media applications selling private information to third party companies and posting it to various places on the internet. Since Instagram is only pictures, there is less information for the company to be able to use for these purposes. While the Instagram policy says that they may have the right to use our pictures without reimbursing us and many people are concerned, I don’t personally believe that Instagram thinks that the pictures of my lunch are worthwhile of this cause.

Although my personal opinion was stated above, I believe that many people agree with me on this subject. For example, a 2012 article written by Austin Carr and posted in the technology section of the “Fast Company” website stated that Instagram has the potential to become even bigger than Facebook. Currently, Facebook has 1.1 billion people who use the site, but this number has been relatively stagnant. In comparison, Instagram hit one million users in 2012. Although this seems like a small number compared to Facebook users, it’s important to consider that Instagram continues to grow. In fact, the number of users on Instagram is expected to exceed the number of users on Facebook because it is more popular around younger people who have iPhones.

Another way to prove that more people prefer Instagram over Facebook is to ask people in different age groups about what kinds of social media they prefer. Ultimately, the friends who I asked preferred Instagram because it is easier and quicker to use, while members of other age groups preferred to use other kinds of social media. Despite this, a greater number of young people use social media in general; therefore Instagram will remain prevalent.

In conclusion, Instagram will become more popular than Facebook and other forms of social media, which ultimately means that the majority of the public agrees with me that Instagram is the best form of social media available.