Internet Integrity, Essay Example

Introduction is the one of the media websites that has been greatly affected by issues questioning its effectiveness and integrity. Online video consumers in various regions of the world have expressed dissatisfaction with the way the site airs its videos. Users have highlighted different problems that are mainly associated with technical hitches such unusual delays in video playbacks, poor background sound and poor quality of video graphics. The adoption of VEVO video has also resulted to lose of most valuable video links (Andrews, 2009).

Eminent issues affecting VEVO

In addition to the aforementioned problems, various other issues have been raised by online video consumers which therefore question the effectiveness and integrity of VEVO. These include the following; use of heavy advertising, lack of artistic illustration and ineffective nature of VEVO.

Use of heavy advertising is one of the problems that have been associated with VEVO videos, unlike original YouTube videos that had a well balanced flow of adverts, VEVO videos tend to give the adverts more time and reduces the time for video presentation. The company fails to understand that consumers turn to online video sites to get a good and faster access of new and popular videos and not commercial adverts (Smith, 2012).

Lack of artistic illustration is another problem that has been witnessed in VEVO videos, many artists have complained of the company’s initiatives to deny them the opportunity to utilize their creativity by incorporating the video into the background scene. Artist who desire to use search opportunities have been forced to apply for licenses from the company. This move has been viewed by many video users as an attempt to kill artistic illustrations in the online video business (Smith, 2012).

Ineffective nature of VEVO is the last problem that interferes with integrity of the site and reduces its efficiency in the online video business. a comparison the stance of YouTube and that of VEVO reveals that the former was a more of a social site where users come together to share clips of their works, experiences or any popular videos in the society. VEVO, however, is an incorporation that has entered the online video business to make profits from their operations (Andrews, 2009).

Drawing from the aforementioned issues, VEVO should undertake the following steps to reduce them; adopt a user-oriented platform where users can easily share videos and various issues. The company should also balance the video and commercial adverts to avoid any inconveniences to the video viewers.  The last thing in the list should involve correction of the technical problems that cause delays and interfere with the quality of video presentation. The step to remedy technical problems will also enable the company to improve the sound of the playback system (Andrews, 2009).


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