Marketing Strategies, Essay Example

Business firms use different marketing strategies depending on the size, time, and the types of products they deal in. Marketing strategies may focus on product (product marketing strategy) or on business itself (business marketing strategy) (Honeywell, 1999). The commonly used product marketing strategies include value pricing, penetration pricing, and price skimming.

Value pricing involves selling high value product or service at a low, value price (but the selling price is not below cost) ( Bovay , 2008). The price is what the customers would perceive to be low, and the customers’ perceptions are influenced by the attributes of the product and service, and the price comparison among related products and services. This strategy is applicable to products or services in their mature or declining life cycle stage. The reason is that, at this stage, the products and services have already built a strong brand identity. For example, the price of electricity is normally set relatively lower compared to other forms of energy because the cost of production is fairly lower, and its consumption is popular with customers.

Penetration pricing involves setting exceptionally low prices for new product (s)or service (s) with a bid to gain popularity within the market (Chantal, 2012). It is also known as “Special introductory offer” because it is only used as a strategy to gain significant market share for new products and services. Business organizations that use penetration pricing strategy normally advertise that the low price is a limited time offer to allow alert the customers about the future increment in price. This strategy suits market where many companies are offering similar products and services. Therefore, it is used in such a situation where the cost of switching to a competitor is high.

Price skimming is a strategy where a business organization raises the price above the current market price in order to earn quick profit by covering costs promptly (Copyscape, 2013). As the product becomes more extensively distributed and competition intensifies, the price is gradually lowered over time to match the market price. This is the most popular product marketing strategy, which appropriately suits product in high demands or those with few or weak competitors.

In conclusion, marketing is essential as it creates an enabling environment, where business can thrive well. It helps business organizations to eliminate threats such as competition, and as a result, it popularizes new products and services in the market. The key idea about business is to realize profit; therefore product marketing helps increase the volume of sales, thus maximizing profit.


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