Masculinity and American Culture, Essay Example

Race and violence has a connection on modern society, according to Katz (2006). The dominant role of masculinity and its connection with violence is present in the media, and instead of looking at violent actions as a crime, they are accepted norms within some social groups.

In the documentary, Katz (2006) confirms that our culture expects a “real man” to be tough, strong and aggressive. Likewise if you are not like the “real man image” and do not fit into the “narrow box” you are called names and are excluded. He also states that men of color are more likely to follow the “society image” because they are presented with fewer diversity of images in the media. Violence is no longer a deviation but a part of being masculine. Similarly, he states that one in five men will abuse their partner during their lives.

Interestingly, the author also states that men who are likely to commit abuse and violent acts are not only influenced by the media but are most likely to have suffered abuse, so they are simply following the pattern learned in childhood. However, in many cases, the “tough front” is just a mask that covers individual vulnerability. It is also a survival mechanism, resulting in a damage of the inner self.

While the “tough guy image” is attractive to women and accepted in the society, according to Katz (2006), no progress towards change can be made. Women, too, have a responsibility in not validating violence. Institutions need to be changed, too, to regulate the monopoly of media companies sculpturing children’s and young people’s socialization patterns affecting their lives long term.


Katz, J. (2006) Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity. Media Education Foundation. Web.