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Money Back Policy

It took us years to build a solid reputation as a reliable company. We never failed our clients and learned to value their loyalty and trust above all. In the heart of our client relationship is our Money Back Policy, which ensures clients’ satisfaction and guarantees they always have a pleasant experience interacting with us. Below are the essential terms and conditions of our Money Back Policy.

Canceling your order

You are entitled to receive a full refund if you contact our support team and inform them of such intention before a writer commences work on your order. Partial compensation is possible for instances when a writer has already started working on your assignment. The exact amount refundable will vary in each particular case and is subject to negotiation. However, if a writer has already finished your assignment and your cancellation request came after that – no refund is possible.

Dealing with a double-payment

When paying for our services, we encourage you to always check every transaction you make. In case of accidental double-payment for the same service, you should report this to our support team as soon as possible. We will return the excess amount to your account or, if you prefer, could add it to your account balance on our website.

Dealing with two or more identical orders

Similarly, if you have placed two or more identical orders by mistake and have paid for all – we encourage you to contact our support team as soon as possible. A full refund is feasible if you report the issue in time or at least before two or more writers start to work on your order. If you do not inform us in time, we will assume you need two or more writers to work on the same task, and you will be charged accordingly.

Dealing with no available writer for your order

In rare cases, there might be no writer available immediately for your order. For instance, when you give us very short notice for a large paper requiring a top-level writer. Please note, your satisfaction is the highest priority for us, and we would do everything possible to find the best writer for your particular assignment. However, if a rare case as described above happens, and you are not willing to wait longer, we will refund you the full amount upon your request.

Dealing with a late order

All our writers are professionals who are trained to meet clients’ deadlines and always deliver on time. However, if for any reason you do not receive a paper from us on time – rest assured, you will receive a full refund.

This rule is not applicable for orders where clients do not provide us with complete and accurate instructions or for orders awaiting clients’ further input. Therefore, it is crucial that you always give us your full contact information and that you keep monitoring your email box for any requests for further information from us.

In case your order is late, but you still have time and would like to wait, we would offer to recalculate the total price and refund you the difference so that you get appropriate compensation from us for the delay with your order.

If you have chosen to receive the full refund, please note that you may not use the Product as in that case it would become the property of our company.

Dealing with delays in a revision of your paper

If you requested a revision of your paper and did not receive it before the deadline, you are entitled to a refund. The exact amount of the refund is defined in each particular case. We encourage you to monitor your email – we always aim to send the first draft of your completed order in advance of the deadline. This enables you to check the work and request a possible revision sooner and give us more time to work on your revision request.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the final paper

If you are not happy with the quality of the final paper, you have the right to a free revision with the same writer or request a different writer for your task. When a revision is not an option or you do not have any more time left before your academic submission deadline, you can request a full refund from us. We would then kindly ask you to provide us detailed feedback as to why exactly you were not happy with the quality of our work. We would take it further with the responsible writer and make sure the issue gets thoroughly assessed and never re-occurs in the future.

Kindly note, that if under any circumstances mentioned above you receive a full refund from us, our company will remain the only owner of the Product, and it will no longer belong to you.

You are not entitled to refunds for any other reasons, besides mentioned in the current policy.

Get a Free E-Book ($50 in value)
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Get a Free E-Book ($50 in value)
How To Write The Best Essay Ever!