Multiculturalism Script, Coursework Example

Objective – Given a specific island in the Caribbean, students will research the culture of their island, write a report about life on their island, and present on their topic to the class using a visual aid.


Grade Level –  Fifth Grade

Materials –

  • Audio

Putumayo Kids Presents. 2004. On Caribbean Playground [CD]. Import: Putumayo World      Music.


  • Visual

Snapshot pictures taken on each island territory.

Map of the Caribbean.

World Map.

  • Video

Equator Creative Media (Producer). (2006). Travel With Kids Caribbean [Motion Picture]. U.S:


  • Tangible Artifact

Head wrap worn by teacher

Cloth for making head wraps.

Seashells from some islands.

  • Text

Petronella Breinburg (2000). Stories from the Caribbean (Multicultural Stories). U.S.: Steck-Vaugn Company.


Martyn Bramwell (2000). North America and the Caribbean: World in Maps. U.S.: Lerner Publishing Group.


Frane Lessac (1987). My Little Island. U.S.: HarperCollins.


Script –


Alright class, lets gather around. Come over here on the rug. Let’s sit down.

(students sit on circle rug, teacher stands)



That’s a funny hat.



Why are you wearing that?



What this?

(Points to headwrap)

Well this is a head wrap. Has anyone seen one before?

(Students all shake their heads no.)



Head wraps are often worn by women in the Caribbean. Who knows where the Caribbean is? Raise your hand.



The Bahamas. My mom and dad went there.



Yes, the Bahamas are part of the Caribbean. What else can you tell me about the Caribbean? Raise your hand.



It’s an island with water all around it.



Good, yes. The Caribbean is a group of islands south of Florida.

(Teacher goes to map on wall)

Who can show us where Florida is? Raise your hand? Okay.

(Student goes to map and points to Florida)



Now if you move your finger down to that chain of islands by itself

(Student moves finger along map to Caribbean islands)

You’ll be in the Caribbean. Is everyone ready to go to the Caribbean?

(Students nod)

Are you going in a plane or a boat?

(some students say plane, some say boat)

Get your wings ready. Get your oars ready to paddle. Take off.

(Students walk around room, “flying” or “paddling”. Teacher steers students back to rug and turns on travel for kids dvd.)



We’re here, we’re in the Caribbean. Let’s watch and learn about where we are.

(Sit on rug and watch video.)



There are so many islands to explore in the Caribbean. There are 30 island territories. I’ve written them all down on the board and what we are going to do, is sit down in our seats and go around the room and each of you are going to pick an island to explore. Okay? Okay, lets go to our seats.

(Students sit at desks, teacher goes to board. The 30 territories are written down with a picture from each area hung next to it. Teacher reads the territory names out loud.)



Okay, we are passing the hat. Everyone pick one paper.

(Hat goes around and students pick papers. Teacher collects hat.)



Unfold your paper and read your number to yourself. Who has number 1? Okay, where in the Caribbean are you going?

(Continue until all students have chosen an island.)



All week, we are going to spend part of each day learning about the island you chose. You’ll learn about the music, the food, the geography, and how people live on your island. You’ll work on this individually, then next week each of you will tell the rest of the class about life on your island. Questions?



Will it be a writing or talking in front?



You are going to write a report about your island, and then you will present your report to the class. So both writing and talking. Okay? More questions right now? No? Okay, line up in front to get your island picture.

(Students line up, teacher gives each student their picture. They put the picture in their desk and line up for lunch.)



Remember, today is library day. We’ll be looking for books about your islands in the library.

End Script