Poor Customer Service Experience, Term Paper Example

My husband and I have a two year old daughter, so it is not very often that we have the chance to go out to dinner. My parents had arranged to keep our daughter for our fourth marriage anniversary. I was so excited to be able to eat a hot fresh dinner that had not been picked by the little fingers of a two year old before I had to eat. We arrived at the restaurant around 7:30 that evening. We went to a local steak pit not too far from where we live. I was annoyed very early on because the server was busy texting or playing games on her phone and left us standing to be sited for what I considered too long. Nonetheless, I decided to give her and the restaurant the benefit of the doubt, since we have never dined there before.

The restaurant was very elegant and relaxing. We were led to our seats by the server. When we arrived, she asked if the seats were pleasing to us. We both agreed that the seats were fine. She then asked us what we would like to drink. Just as my husband was about to reply, she reached into her apron pocket and pulled out her cellular phone again. She responded to what she had read with a giggle, and then asked again what we would have to drink. He ordered a coke with light ice and I asked for water with lemon. The drinks arrived made to order. We were both pleased.

While sipping our drinks, we discussed what we would have for dinner. We waited for our server to return, but she did not return. After waiting for about ten minutes, my husband went to the server’s booth to let her know that we were ready to order. He came back to report to me that the server was texting on her cellular phone again. We ordered salads, steaks, and baked potatoes. I like my steaks well done, but my husband wanted his medium. The salads arrived within minutes of our ordering. Again, I was pleased until I looked closely at them. The lettuce was withered, but had been covered with a fresh bed of vegetable to cover the unsightly lettuce at the very bottom. The ranch salad dressing that I had was very watered down. I really needed to use a spoon to eat my salad with because the fork was just not getting the job done. The dressing literally dripped to the bottom of the bowl.

At this point we decided that we would just enjoy the rolls and drinks.  So, we finished our dinner rolls and drinks. Our server walked by us several time, but did not come to fill our cups or ask if we needed something else to drink. My husband thought that maybe she did not realize that our glasses were empty, so we both placed or glasses at the edge of the table. We hoped that this would signal to her that we needed more drinks. She never stopped walking by us.

Finally, the steaks and potatoes arrived. My steak was beyond well done; it was burned. My husband’s steak was rare, as blood had gathered in a pool beneath it. The potatoes were cold and hard. The butter and sour cream did not melt on them. We waited for the server to come back to ask how everything was, but she never did. We had to stop another server to inquire about the condition of our food. She did get the manager for us, who was not pleased with the conditions of the food. He offered to have the entire dinner redone for us, but we had had enough by this point. We left the restaurant around 9 p.m. We traveled a few blocks down the street to a nice Italian restaurant, and we had a great experience there.