Program Evaluation, Coursework Example

The implication of evaluation is the process applicable for critical examination of any program through collection as well as analysis of data concerning the activities, outcomes as well as characteristics of the program. The process is associated with some outstanding experiences which include the desire to improve the design of the program as well as its execution. The need for identification of areas that require further improvements are vital experiences during the process of program evaluation and this helps in efficient realization of set goals of the program (Thomson & Hoffman, 2003). The process of sharing achievable as well as less effective results promotes the advancement of environmental education.

Program evaluation has a close association to leadership and it is also an important function in public health leadership. The ultimate objective behind project evaluation is making sound judgments concerning the program leading to the improvement of effectiveness of the program and also giving appropriate directions for decisions in programming. Therefore, program evaluation is an important leadership component in public health leadership because the ultimate goal of service delivery is greatly enhanced (Thomson & Hoffman, 2003).

The effectiveness of any perfect program evaluation is determined by its outcomes. A sound and successful should facilitate for efficient demonstration of the success of the program. The information gathered is a vital guide to enhanced communication of the impacts of the program to stakeholders and this plays a crucial role in morale of the staff, public relations and attraction of potential funders (Gajda & Jennifer, 2004).  Program evaluation also facilitates in the investigation of how far the outcomes of the programs have been realized. The level of improvement of knowledge, behaviors, skills, intentions as well as attitudes of participants is determined through program evaluation.


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