Proper Nutrition During Adulthood, Essay Example

Adulthood is classified as the cycle of life when the female or male body has reached maturity, has finished growing and developing, and now is maintaining itself for the rest of it’s life. It is uncertain at what age males and females completely finish maturing, but in a most recent study, it was found that male bodies finished aging at around 42 and female bodies finish maturing at around 47. It is at this point in a persons life that nutrition becomes crucial so that bones stay strong, organs stay young and the body stays limber and capable.

After a body finishes aging, it can easily become brittle and weak if someone does not care for it properly. Vitamins, proper nutrition and healthy exercise are all good ways to ensure one can keep their body fit after mature adulthood.

Nutrients that mature adults should pay particular attention to include calcium, vitamin B12, folate or folic acid, vitamin D, potassium and fiber. A healthy exercise routine is just as important if not more important than a healthy diet and implementing a vitamin regimen into one’s diet.

Calcium is needed to strengthen and protect the bones as they age and become thinner and more brittle. Vitamin B12 essential for nerve function. Folate is a B vitamin that prevents anemia. Vitamin D is an important nutrient for anyone taking calcium. Without Vitamin D, the calcium will not be absorbed by the body and the body’s bones will be at risk for breaks and cracks. Potassium works with calcium to help with bone strength in adults. It is also a key nutrient in heart health. Fiber helps promote healthy digestion in adults by moving food easily through the digestive tract.