Quantitative Study, Coursework Example

Purpose – to determine levels of satisfaction among Florida public school teachers (K-12) with current approaches to comprehensive assessment testing

Design – utilizing a survey research method, a suitable sampling of Florida public school teachers will be queried on a number of issues related to the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). This survey will be designed to determine whether Florida public school teachers are satisfied with current testing protocols or believe such protocols should be revised or replaced.

Sample – the sample for this survey will be drawn from an appropriate cross-section and number of Florida public school teachers from a variety of geographic and demographic backgrounds. A probability sampling technique will be used to ensure that the results adequately reflect the views of Florida public school teachers as a population.

Analysis – Parametric analysis will be used to glean determinations from the findings in order to assess the overall level of satisfaction with the FCAT regime among Florida public school teachers. Levels of satisfaction will be ranked as “satisfied, mostly satisfied, mostly dissatisfied, and dissatisfied, providing an ordinal ranking component. The standardized applicability and structure of the FCAT among all Florida public schools allows the data analysis to look for differences and similarities in the distribution of results.