The Future Is Now: It’s Heading Right for Us, We Never See It Coming, Essay Example

Achenbach believes that life is changing so fast that there is nothing as a distant future. The future is that which is currently happening at the very moment in life. The entire things that are currently running the world will find no meaning and attention within an unusually short time. They will face abandonment as attention shifts to the latest things that will go on evolving at an incredible rate. This makes him believe that the current lifestyle and the future are not miles apart. They are here with us.

With technology as an example, Achenbach portrays a picture of absolute inventions heading for humankind at immense speed. Technology is going to be the leading center of focus in humankind’s life. Every material thing will be in relation to scientific inventions that are heading into our lives. These technological inventions are unstoppable by humankind. They have to take place to suit his lifestyle. As humankind’s life changes, the inventions will keep on advancing that his life will change in totality. His current life will have great contrast with his future life, yet the time difference upon which all this is going to happen is so small that humankind does not seem to realize.

According to Achenbach, we do not see this changes coming because of the intimidation we have towards technology. However, when the impacts of these changes will hit humankind, both with adverse, negative effects and positive effects, he will have no option but to realize and pay attention to them. There will be a dire need to control inventions and analyze their effects before their implementation. This will lead to a shift of other centers of focus such as political to focus in laboratories. The future would have already arrived unexpectedly.



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