A Descriptive Paragraph of Lady Gaga, Essay Example

Lady Gaga is many things to many people: a singer; a star; an idol; a mystery. Her rise in the music spotlight has been a rapid one, but her impact is undeniable. She has been deemed the new Queen of Pop, and she certainly earned her royalty. Born and raised in New York City, she showed an early penchant for music and was encouraged by her parents to study and perform. As a result she was already booking shows by the ripe old age of 14. In 2008 she released her first album The Fame which was embraced the world over. In China her popularity is so ubiquitous that it has spawned the catch phrase, “oh my Lady Gaga!” as a substitute for the well-known American expression of surprise, “OMG.” But what is it that makes Lady Gaga so captivating? Of course she has catchy tunes and ever-changing and increasingly scandalous style choices but many attribute her rise to stardom for its brilliant timing. She was willing to take risks in the music industry when many people thought her style was too racy but she ignored them. Burlesque was her inspiration and she stuck to it. Her concerts are more than music; Lady Gaga is a performance artist who makes use of lights, props, fashion and any number of other accessories to make her concerts a complete experience. But Lady Gaga has become more than a stage personality for this young star (neé Stefani Germanotta); it is a lifestyle. When questioned by The Independent about whether she got tired of wearing skin tight leather and jaw dropping outfits to the supermarket all the of the time she was a bit taken aback. She said that her style and habits are as much a part of her work as her music and that to turn that off would be a disappointment to her fans. Perhaps it is this lack of self-consciousness and flamboyant openness that has endeared her in particular to the LGBT population. She has become a kind of gay icon and she actively supports many charitable works related to LGBT struggles and is a vocal advocate for gay rights around the world. She herself identifies as bisexual adding yet another provocative facet to her celebrity personality. It seems no one can quite put their finger on this remarkable musician and perhaps that is the key to her allure. We are certain to see more successful work from this talented artist in the future and no doubt a few surprises as well.