Analysis of the Spider in “Charlotte’s Web” and “Why We Tell Stories About Spider”, Essay Example

The writer of Charlotte’s web brings out human characteristics in Charlotte, the grey spider. We see Wilbur, the pig, getting scared as the festive season nears. He knows that real soon, Mr. Arable will slaughter him for the festival. The human nature of the spider comes where we see him to be sympathizing for his friend, the pig. The two lay a plan of saving the pig from death, which they succeed in the end.

Comparing the spider in this tale with the spider in the tale, “why we tell stories about the spider,” we see a similarity between them. One similarity is the brave nature of both characters. In charlotte’s web, the spider does everything to ensure he saves the life of his friend, the pig. He is not afraid of the danger facing his life in this mission. The spider in the second tale is also brave in the sense that, as much as he knows how dangerous the mission is, he still accepts the challenge. He is not afraid to trick the king of the forest, and traps him. Both animals have the determination to achieve their targets.

The use of these non –human characters makes the authors in both tales express the intended theme effectively. We see a spider being able to do unexpected things because of love for a friend, and the desire to be famous like God, respectively. The use of Human characters in both tales could not have brought out the diversity of potential among different persons. We can clearly see how a spider, despite his size, executing decisions in a mature way, and taking bold steps in achieving his goal. The pig also comes out as a character that is quick at making friends, even in new environments. It is through one of these friends that he escapes his death.