Architecture: The Evolution of Artistic Building Design, Essay Example

Architecture is noted as the art of creating and building. People who are enthusiastic enough to handle the pressure of creating and making functional buildings have budded through the years ever since the beginning of time. The primary need for shelter among humans has evolved through time, thus bringing about a sense of evolution in relation to the said process of creative building. According to Alberti’s writing on the art of building, architecture could be considered to be based upon the most conclusive matters especially relating to functionality, style and evolving design that the said process is dependent upon.

On the other end, this is further supported by Vaughan’s writing on the Rise of Renaissance which indicates a great sense on how the field of architecture has grown through time. He points out herein how the different designs of houses and buildings actually define the development of the society. Such development comes in possible due to the development of the needs of the human population in relation to functionality and style. This is further supported by the idealisms of the writing that Rondanini presents in his relative presentation on the argument regards the connection between architecture and social change. Here he notes that the way buildings are created specifically correspond to the need of the current human population especially in relation to the environment that they are living in. Response to the changing situations in the environment consistently challenges the existence of modern approaches to support the goals of modern architecture especially in relation to providing humans with shelter both to provide housing or to provide a particular area where they could work or do other different matters that define ‘living’ in the field of modern society. In a way the field of architecture evolves through time and  through the changing tides of social development.


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