Are Video Games Good for Children, Thesis Paper Example


Video games commodity now

  • No longer dependent upon gaming consoles only
  • Devices that support video games include personal computers, tablet devices, portable media devices, and smart phones

Video games continue to be controversial

  • Waste of time
  • Controversial material

Thesis: There always exists a potential for technology misuse but potential benefits of video games exceed potential costs for children

Body 1

Valuable educational tool (Dutton, 2010)

  • Easier to teach through video games
  • Children are more engaged if they enjoy the learning process
  • Particularly useful since children have increasingly shorter attention spans

Body 2

Video games increase social interaction (Jenkins)

  • Useful strategy for children who rarely go out or spend time with family
  • 60 percent of active gamers play with friends
  • 33 percent of active gamers play with siblings

Body 3

Video games improve creativity skills (Shaevitz, 2012)

  • Games often involve problems and puzzles
  • Children encouraged to think out-of-the-box


  • Video games technology has advanced tremendously in the last few decades
  • Almost all imaginable genres represented by video games
  • If utilized carefully, video games contribute towards healthy development of children     


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