Arguments on Representing Las Vegas, Essay Example

            What constitutes the real viable description of any city is the process by which all angles of life that thrives in it is being represented one way or another. Relatively, based on this argument, it could be noted that CSI Nevada represents Las Vegas in a more distinct way compared to how Las Vegas [the TV series] tries to represent the life and the being of the people residing in the city. Relatively, Las Vegas [TV Series] focuses on casinos and the administration that works behind their existence. While it is true that Las Vegas [the city] is known for gambling and huge casinos, it is not justifiable that the city be stereotyped as some placed only focused on such matter. CSI Nevada on the other hand, although it is more focused on the areas of Nevada alone [which is merely a part of Las Vegas city], it defines the people and the life they live in a more distinct way that makes it easier for the viewers to see what Las Vegas really is about. It tries to expand in defining the people, their characteristics and the issues that they have to deal with in relation to the culture of the society in the city through the occurrence of each criminal case they intend to investigate upon.

In the argument presented above, a particular fallacy could have been encountered especially at the point of singling out the presentation of Las Vegas through the administration of casinos in the city. Such form of argument could be considered as a type of conjunction fallacy which indicates that one assumption is taken apart from another due to the possibility that it satisfies multiple conditions making it more probable than the outcome of satisfying only one element of distinction in the forms of TV representations being analyzed. True, CSI Nevada explores all the different areas of life and living in the city, nevertheless, this does not mean that focusing on the administration of casinos in Las Vegas the series should be considered short of its capacity of representing what Las Vegas is about. It should be considered that the show also tries to explore what the city is about beyond the outskirts of the casinos and the situations that occur within the said establishments. The people making up the show and the characters represented by the artists reflect some characteristics that generally describe Las Vegas, its culture and its people.

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