Audrey Flack: Marilyn Monroe Art Analysis And Definition, Essay Example

The artistic representation of Marilyn Monroe and her legacy in the work of Audrey Flack is often noted as the actual definition on how the artist herself sees another artist from another industry of entertainment. Relatively, Audrey’s recollection of different elements relating to Marilyn Monroe shows so much about the appreciation she has over the process by which the said artist lived her life and how such a life has impacted the life of those who lived around her as well as the public that saw through the years of her existence. The sudden death of an artist in the caliber of Marilyn Monroe affected the society so much alongside the consideration and attention they have regarding the facts about being an artist and the specific condition of living that they are subjected to.

Utilizing her most famous photos and some of her memorabilia in the presentation, Audrey shows how much she knows the artist including the most important elements that make up her being. The fruits she liked and ate the most specifically showed how much Audrey reads about the deepest and most condescending reports about Marilyn Monroe. Roses, paintings and makeup represents the love and attention that Monroe has over beauty and the appearance that she represents herself with in front of the public. Deep appreciation of the subject on the part of the artist is a constant distinction that this art shows. The candle set beside the presentation aims to create a notion of light that comes about in providing the artist’s being a sense of direction especially in line with how she is recognized by the public and in the industry she used to exist in. At this point, it is the desire of the public to see through the being of the artist that pushed Audrey to become more attentive and detailed in presenting Marilyn Monroe and the being that marked her existence not only in the industry but among the people living around her.


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