Bin Buying Binge, Business Plan Example


To:      Facilities Manager

From:  A. Person

Re:      Recycling Program for Greening Corporation

Recycling at the firm will be established through a number of recycling stations.  These will be situated in the Canteen area,( near the vending machines)   at the back of the General Office ( Near the Shredder) and at the rear of the warehouse (adjacent to the stores).  The firm has identified three distinct areas of recycling capability: (1) Paper (2) Aluminium Cans and (3) Plastics.  These represent the majority of the recyclable items.  Employees are expected to sort their waste out into the identified three categories.  The recycling containers have been colour coded as follows:-

  • Paper Products – Green Recycle Bins with Tree Icon and Recycle symbol


The following table sets out the recycling procedure:-

Re-Cycling Procedure
Paper Products Use Shredders & Recycling Bins provided Waste Paper, Cardboard, shredded paper etc.
Aluminium Cans Used individual marked bins in Cafeteria and Break Rooms Drink cans, aluminium cans
Plastics Marked Recycling Bins Plastic bottles etc.


Plastic Bottles and Cans |  Link a Bag | 44 gallon = 19.5″L x 15.5″W x 38″Tall

The Diversi-Plast recycling bin is a low cost, lightweight alternative  use in the recycling of plastic bottles and cans.  All  of these bins are made of 100% recyclable HDPE corrugated plastic. They

Aluminium Cans |  Clearstream  container for waste aluminium cans

ClearStream is a clear bag recycling system that eliminates confusion with other types of

Paper Products | Standard container for paper product disposal

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