Causes of the American Revolution: Exploring the Wars and Fights that Acted as Catalysts, Thesis Paper Example

In my paper, I will explore how the Boston Massacre and the French and Indian War gave rise to the American Revolution as a way for citizens in the 13 American colonies to assert their independence from the British. First, I will spend (NUMBER) of (PARAGRAPHS/PAGES) laying the framework for what the landscape in both colonial America and Great Britain, comparing and contrasting the rights and responsibilities held by both sides. After giving the reader a thorough idea of the political landscapes, I will then move onto writing about the fights and wars, describing what happened in each by listing the main reasons that precipitated the skirmishes, casualties suffered on all sides, and what the outcomes were. Finally, I will link everything together by tying together the political landscapes in Great Britain and colonial America with the results of the fights, describing why and how these melees were enough to cause the American Revolution.

My first source, The Boston Massacre Trials: An Account, written by Doug Linder1 will support my argument that the Boston Massacre was one of the catalysts for the American Revolution. In his paper, Linder gives a detailed account of the events that occurred, and follows by discussing the trials that took place after to lay guilt on the appropriate parties. My second source will be a book by Alfred A. Cave called The French and Indian War2 where Cave explores in great depth the events leading up to the war, the war itself, and finally provides analysis about the war. The third source I will use, Blackwell Encyclopedia of the American Revolution3, is a comprehensive text that outlines the political landscape of the countries and colonies in question. My fourth and last source will be the Library of Congress website4 which has a variety of articles, papers and sources on the American Revolution; using this website will enable me to provide further supplementary information to the arguments I will make in my essay.


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