Ch2m Hill, Research Paper Example

CH2M Hill is an international company that is based in Denver, Colorado that leads in consulting, design, program management and human and technical resources for clients in water, energy and environmental services.  CH2M Hill provides these clients with consulting and technical work in order to ensure clean drinking water, environmental remediation, efficient transportation methods, and safe energy.  CH2M Hill is known for starting projects from concept to designing, building, upgrading, renovating and operating projects in areas such as laboratory services, architecture, construction management, energy management, and environmental management.  In addition, CH2M Hill provides services for decontaminating and restoring areas for new environmental uses.  Furthermore, CH2M Hill prides their company in community investment.  (CH2M Hill)

CH2M Hill utilizes their resources in order to help environmental and social issues in many communities.  The main focus of CH2MHill is to protect and conserve the earth’s natural resources through involvement and education practices.  One program CH2M Hill has invested in is Education Outreach program referred to as “STEM”.  This program helps fosters students interested in engineering careers.  In 2012, the topic was “Reducing Carbon Footprint”.  Allowing children find ways to reduce Carbon and implementing these ideas from the classroom to the home, in an effort to spread environmental awareness.   This is just one of the environmental community programs developed at CH2MHill.  In fact, in April, 2008, the Department of Energy awarded CH2M Hill two environmental awareness awards for “Best in Class” and “High Achievement” for developing reusable metal boxes for radiation transport and exposure reduction and for recycling lead.  (NBC Right Now)  In addition, CH2M Hill was awarded the 2013 Water Environment Federation award for water safety. (CH2M Hill)  CH2M Hill started what is called “Water for People” in 1991.  This program helps communities worldwide gain access to safe drinking water free of decontamination and has contributed over one million dollars to this cause.  (Gingold)

CH2MHill donates considerable time and money to community environmental issues worldwide and still manages to maintain a $6.4 billion revenue with over 30,000 employees.  CH2MHill is considered a leader in the industry and is ranked a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For several times.  (CH2M Hill)

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