Change Your Personal or Professional Life, Essay Example

A change that was forced on me related to relocating from one state to the other with my family, the priority being my Dad was offered a better position in his job. As an adolescent and teenager there my input in the decision cloud have considered insignificant because as children parents inform and you go with the low believing that their decision were for the highest good of their children (Marquis,  & Huston, 2011).

From my interpretation of the events Kurt Lewin’s (1947) change theory can be applied to this scenario. In the beginning I was confused and disturbed leaving behind friends and a community in which we actually grew up and were well integrated. According to Lewin (1890-1947) that was the unfreezing period. After a few months we adjusted to the new environment forming new relationships at school and in the neighborhood. Here is where the actual change occurred (Kritsonis, 2005)

Finally, we no longer missed the activities from the old state, but surrendered them for the new now refreezing. Concepts pertaining to priority setting and change include driving force which was my dad’s new position; the restraining force was that we could no longer identify with the old because that state and its events were far removed from us geographically. The equilibrium seemed not to have occurred since the driving force never balanced out the restraining forces. We moved quickly into embracing the new community (Burnes, 2004)

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