Church Letter, Essay Example

Our lives have become so busy that it is easy to forget why we exist. But God never forgets us and continues to test our faith in ways which are not always obvious. Even though our church has been without a space of its own, the strength of our faith kept us going even if it meant borrowing a space from a church of other faith during the last five years. After carefully evaluating the whole situation we have realized that having our own building will not only help us practice our faith more efficiently but will also help us invite more people to experience our faith and realize what they may have been missing in their lives.

We ask you to generously donate towards the cause of acquiring our own building because God has blessed you in more ways than you can ever imagine and what could be nobler act of thanks than to help build a place where Lord Jesus Christ’s name is celebrated. We do not blink for a second when splurging on worldly things even though they only offer us temporary solace. Your generosity towards the church building will yield dividends for eternity and will also enable us to spread our message to more and more young people who are waiting to be saved. Currently, a significant proportion of our limited resources are wasted in arranging for the space and we feel these resources should be dedicated to producing higher quality prayer and worship programs as well as efforts to expand the reach of our church. The Son of God sacrificed his life to save us and now it’s our turn to make sure his message stays alive.

We have the best church group we could imagine and we could not have made it this far without your help. As we look forward to starting a new phase in the history of our church, we look forward to benefitting from the same spirit of generosity that you have always exhibited during challenging times. May Lord Bless You All!