Communication Analysis, Essay Example

In a recent conversation, I discussed with my supervisor the possibility of moving me to a different position; it was a position that would come with a few more responsibilities and a small increase in pay. My message strategy was simple: I was capable of doing the job, and the position needed to be filled. I chose a communication channel of a simple conversation when we were both on break. There was a small amount of external interference as other people entered or left the room. The feedback I received was not particularly specific; my supervisor indicated a willingness to consider me for the position, but did not offer anything beyond that.  If I had to do it over again, I would change my strategy completely. Rather than bring it up as a conversation, I would request a meeting with the supervisor in a quite setting, away from interruptions, and would have a list of my qualifications for the job ready to discuss. I would also be prepared to discuss why my professional qualifications were also matched by my personal attributes, making me particularly suited for the job. As it stands now, I did not get the position, but it has not yet been filled, giving me another opportunity to approach the subject with my supervisor in a more effective manner.

Some characteristics of an ineffective public speaker include a lack of preparation (this is probably the most important one), a voice that is not clear, an appropriate vocabulary for the subject and the audience, an ability to tailor a message to an audience, and poor posture and stage presence. An effective public speaker understands the need to prepare for a speaking role. It is important to know the material that one plans to present, and to also prepare to understand the audience one will speak to. It is also important to speak clearly, to exhibit good posture and movement, and to appear confident and comfortable. Those last few areas are the ones I would most like to improve. I can learn and prepare for a public speaking performance, but it is sometimes embarrassing and uncomfortable onstage even when I know the material. I need to improve on speaking clearly and loudly, to make sure I maintain eye contact, and that I appear comfortable and confident.