Company Analysis: Topaz Impex, Research Paper Example

The selected coal company in India for this analysis is Topaz Impex which has been ranked among the best performing coal companies in the country.  The company was started very recently has become a successful firm in the energy sector, generating a lot of revenues from the industry. Topaz Impex specializes in company produces metallurgical devices and generation of coal energy to its consumers. Since its inception in the year 2007 the company has shown significant growth in the industry thus outmatching other firms.  The SWOT analysis of the organizations reveals that the organization bases its strengths on the effective leadership style adopted by the managers, the other source of strength is unique features of the products offered which has enabled it offer quality products to its clients. The organization is guided by the mission and vision statement to provide products that ensure customer satisfaction by possible means. The coal company has good management strategies that are aimed ensuring cost efficient operations (Brendan, 2008).

The major weakness of the firm is that it is one of the youngest players in the industry and therefore has does not stand the better chance to understand the changes that occur in the industry.  The opportunities that are available for the organization include increasing demand for energy by manufacturing firms in India and thus provide a potential market. The organization provides a diversified product base which can enable penetrate a variety of markets in India and in the international arena. the shift by most companies to use coal energy instead of  other forms of power also provides an ample opportunity for the organization (Westbrook,  2009).

The major threats that the company face are, industry expansion due to entry  new firms that come in with low cost products, increased competition in the coal industry and high government taxes imposed on the energy sector.

Despite high taxes imposed by the Indian government, the company still stands the chance to develop economically due the high demand for its products. The aspect of environmental regulation by the Indian government cannot inhibit the growth of the firm. The taxes and regulations have increased the cost of operations for the firm.

Investment in technology has the potential benefit of enhancing economies to scale and thus enable the firm enjoy more revenues and hence more profits.


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