Computer Ethics, Essay Example

Many large organizations receive thousands of applications and for the company’s Human Resource department to review each application would be a daunting task.  The cost to process all the applications and resumes would add a much higher overhead to the company than many would desire.  In order to become more efficient many companies have went to an automated resume or application where specific requirements or guidelines set by the corporation are established and the automated system sorts and searches for the specified results (Cappelli 2012).  The company sets these parameters expecting certain results.  For example, if the company wants an accountant with ten years of experience they can make sure one of the parameters is accounting experience in excess of ten years.  This may seem like a quick and efficient method for finding the right candidates for the position but there are positives and negatives about this choice of candidate selection and definition.

The positive aspect of this type of automation includes the potential cost savings by eliminating candidates that are not qualified for the position.  Another positive aspect would be finding the proper fit for the candidate.  When hiring a new employee there are inherent costs with processing their resumes, interviews and placement.  Placing a candidate in the right position at the right time can eliminate moving the new hire to a better fit or losing the employee due to a bad placement.  In other positions in the company where exact needs are known such as janitorial, maintenance, logistic workers there could be a direct hire or a possibility of eliminating multiple steps in the hiring process by using a direct appointment.  The automated system would find the necessary attributes and place the appropriate candidates at the top of the list thus eliminating time to hire and costs of interviews and human intervention.

The negative aspects include the fact that the automated process will only select the attributes that are inputted into their selection process.  This leads to the potential of losing qualified candidates because they chose the wrong verbiage in the resume or application.  The rigidity of the selection process removes prospective candidates that may be better qualified than those accepted.  This is the risk the employer must accept when utilizing an automated hiring and selection process.



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