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Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine From 2013-2015, Essay Example

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The current borders between Russia and Ukraine were implemented on August 24, 1991 as consequence of Ukraine’s gained independence from the Soviet Union. However, these borders have been compromised as of 2014 due to the Russian military invasion in Ukraine. As a consequence, it is apparent that borders in the modern world are dictated by international relations, whether positive or negative. Potential options for resolving this conflict are therefore dependent on peaceful negotiations between Russia or Ukraine, or forcible changes due to war and conflict. The crisis between Russia and Ukraine came to the attention of the world with the capture of Crimea by the Russian Federation. This territory was annexed by Russia in March 2014 and is currently under the country’s control. As a consequence, Ukraine’s borders have altered due to this conflict. Other Ukrainian territories were also impacted by Russia’s military forces.

To emphasize the significance of the border crisis that is currently impacting Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is planning to launch an initiative called “project wall” to increase its border defenses and protect itself against Russian military force. Since Russia is a larger nation and has demonstrated its intent to breach Ukrainian borders, the residents of Ukraine feel that this is an expensive, but necessary, option to ensure their protection. The wall is “estimated to be worth 4 billion hryvnias… and involves the construction of a barbed-wire fence with 17-meter high steelwork turrets” (RT). While some individuals believe that this response is necessary, others believe that it’s a disproportionate response and impossible to maintain. A critic of the border wall stated, “”Who is it going to stop?” said 22-year old Kharkiv resident Anatasia Duda. “A country like Russia definitely has the means to deal with slabs of metal. And what’s the use of that wall when the border with Donetsk isn’t even under control?”” (Varenitsa). It is clear that while Ukrainian citizens are passionate about defending their border, they are unclear as to whether this could be accomplished by building a wall, given the resources available for such a project.

According to NATO, the problems posed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were significant. Even though the territory was formerly a part of the Soviet Union, they gained their independence in the early 1990s and are currently functioning as an autonomous country. Thus, even though some individuals are unconcerned about the conflict, others are worried about the military strength that Russia has compared to Ukraine. Furthermore, Ukraine intends to defend its territory, indicating that more bloodshed and terror will likely occur as a consequence of this border struggle. Specifically, NATO is concerned that “It now appears that Europe’s post World War II borders are not as permanent as most governments had anticipated when the Cold War ended in 1990” (NATO). This is problematic due to the comprehensive diplomacy that went into place to set these borders. Since Russia is not upholding its bargain, it is likely that widespread war to defend Ukraine and fight against Russia will occur. In a sense, trade embargos against Russia have already begun as a part of this conflict that many people consider to be the second Cold War. Many world leaders are currently upset with the leadership of Vladimir Putin, who is making many moves to make his own country appear to be the victim instead of those he is attacking. As a consequence, many countries have withdrawn their support of Russia.

To improve border situations, it is ideal for NATO and the United Nations to remain involved. Diplomacy is an important component of this negotiation process because Russia has a strong military force and a close proximity to its target, Ukraine. Furthermore, Russia’s actions have angered allies of Ukraine across the world, who would be willing to support its defense. If Russia does not cease its military actions, it is possible that war will occur. As a consequence, it is important to determine what Russia would want in exchange for the return of Crimea and the creation of a truce that would claim that the country would not attempt to enter Ukraine using force. Steps have already been taken to resolve this crisis. Using non-threatening language, countries such as the United States are refusing to trade certain products with Russia. It is likely that other allies of Ukraine will follow in suit. Even though this situation is developing into another cold war, it is essential to avoid the use of force unless necessary to defend the lives of citizens in Ukraine. As of June, Ukraine activists retrieved a potential map of invasion created by the Russian government to take complete hold of Ukraine (Gallina). It is apparent that matters are becoming worse as time progresses, so it is important to take immediate action to ensure that Russia would be aware of the ramifications of its actions. Ultimately, it is important to determine if Russia and Ukraine could form a compromise that protects both of their rights and would put an end to this meaningless fighting, as it is not appearing to benefit either side.

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