Conformity and Obedience, Essay Example

Conforming to a structural norm, adhering to cultural processes and blending in provides a senses of security for the individual acclimating to a new set of circumstances and provides the person taking on the new duties, responsibilities and role in the new experience enough breathing room to refocus their bearing and understand situation as a whole.  Conforming a person’s behavior to a set of standards and societal expectations are held in place by the individual’s real or perceived influence or pressure on them to remain in conformance.  Conformance is more a situational function of society that would eventually lead to a personality trait resulting from the amount, type and pressure exerted over time on the individual by the power demanding obedience.

In a scenario where conformance is mandated includes that of the members of the United States military.  New recruits are filed through training immediately with the expectation that after a limited exposure to physical and mental exercises coupled with simulated “real-world” scenarios these military members will be able to maintain their expected high level of performance and expertise while performing their military obligation.  The main method of expediting the process and reducing all non-value add actions through the integration process is to strip everyone down to a common denominator and build them back up into the soldier, marine or airman that is needed for duty.  Conforming to policies, procedures, and requirements ensure that training goals and objectives are met and troops are fully trained.  The new troops are guided by the real and imagined pressure from up their chain of command which instills the obedience of the troops to training standards. Conformity is necessary in multiple situations and is mainly a result of the environment in which the individual is taking part in.