Psychological Disorder, Essay Example

Dealing with the cause and developing solution for psychological disorder is indeed expensive when it comes to research, implementation, and solution development. Due to this matter, a clear and efficient approach on dealing with this concern is indeed necessary to achieve practical result for the benefit of the population. On this issue, prioritizing on the cause model and treatment approach with the most realizable result and efficiency would likely be the best course of action in managing the financial side of the issue.

On the opinion of this writer, dealing with the issue of psychological disorder requires a clear perspective on an more concrete and practical cause model thus guiding the solution expenditure in the issue. As such, prioritizing on the medical model would appear to be the more efficient and practical solution particularly on the promotion of mental health development at the early stages of pregnancy and post-natal care. This approach is controllable since the model would be practically manage within the family structure involving thus with pregnant member. Expenditures on this concern would be channeled to vitamins necessary for promoting mental health distributed in coordination with the social welfare branch of the society. With such measure, a fixed and concrete expenditure plan can be effectively achieve since the program would have a clear focus in terms of social demographics.

This would then be followed by a social model approach namely a program for social constructionism on the early ages of the young population implemented in coordination with the education structure. Special classes of psychological well-being, assessment programs, and even investigative analysis will be conducted on the school system thus minimizing cost as the program would be guided and implemented through the school curriculum.

With the use of these two models and treatment approaches, the financial funds for promoting cost as the program can be efficiently manage with clear realizable results. It has always be thought that prevention often comes better than cure and likewise cheaper in different levels. Applying the said notion, prioritizing on the prevention of mental disorder can indeed be the best approach on this matter.