Contract Change Management, Essay Example

The management of contract project changes is vital to the success of any project. The contract is important in stipulating the responsibilities, liabilities and definition of deliverables expected from each party involved in a given contract. In our project, the contract entered with the vendor of our software to be developed is perceived to be vague and does not clearly stipulate the responsibilities of the vendor with regard to the development of the software,. As such, it is economically and legally sound that the change of contract be considered for the success of our project. However, there are a certain steps that have to be undertaken as a response plan to the situation.

The solution to this situation would be to follow the below steps in order to ensure efficiency and contractual performance. This is the steps towards invoking contractual remedies:

  • Ascertain the non-conformance
  • Deliberate the cause
  • Cogitate the type of contract or contractual requirements stipulated in the project scope
  • Cogitate the context, in this case the vagueness of the contract
  • Study the end-user requirements
  • Apply the principle of proportionality to ensure amendments

As a result of the change of contract, we have to take the necessary steps to implement and monitor the potential changes to the project scope with regard to our vendor. The following steps will be followed:

  • The team will initiate a change request through the change request form to the project manager
  • The project managers will consult on the required changes to the scope such as the timeline and responsibilities of the vendor
  • The project managers prepare and submit the change request to the instituted change team
  • Once approved, the modifications to the implementation plan are made

To monitor the changes to scope, the vendor is required to liaise with the team and produce written reports and conduct regular progress meetings.