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Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy, Research Paper Example

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Research Paper

Summary of events between US Germany and Greece since the end of Cold War

Several events have taken place between the three named countries since the end of the Cold War. However the most important events include the fact that, in 1994, US made significant reduction in the number of its troop level in Germany which was installed there during the Cold War (Okinda, 2011). To mark this even historical, President Bill Clinton “cased the colors” at the Berlin Brigade deactivation ceremony (Rebecca & Nelson, 2010).

The two countries have also become allies in the NATO as this alliance enabled them to work side by side in order to maintain peace and freedom in the countries. After the September 11th, 2001 terrorism incident in America, Germany has emerged as one of the most reliable ally to the US and helps in the effort of fighting against terrorism. On the contrary, Greece after the Cold War saw them borrow heavily in order to be able to fund their government budget and current account deficits (Rubin, 2008). Most of the funds borrowed seems to come from the US and Germany which is according to various sources.

Relationship between US and Germany

After the Cold War, the US and Germany have managed to come up with a very good relationship. Ni the European Union Germany is seen to stand at the center of the European affairs which makes US their key partners as far as the US relationship with the Europeans in NATO and the European Union is concerned (Okinda, 2011).

In it clear according to various sources that most of the people living in the US have German ancestry. The two countries have also come together to form what they call the German – American day.  The two countries are also great allies in NATO, while they work side by side to maintain peace and freedom (Rebecca & Nelson, 2010).

The two countries are also the greatest contributor of troops in Afghanistan, while German runs one of the largest police training programs in the country. After the 2001 terrorist event Germany was the reliable ally while it was to help the US with the effort against terrorism. Both countries share common, deep-seated commitment to an open and expanding world economy (Rubin, 2008). This shows that other than their trading relationship the two countries relationship has also grown in other directions.

Current US diplomatic approach to Afghanistan

The US has much been concerned about the Iranian Nuclear development. This has forced them to come up with policies that will be used to govern the making and use of the nuclear power. According to the US, the development of nuclear weapons capability by the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most critical national security challenges that the United States seems to face (Rubin, 2008).

As part of a diplomatic approach to this problem, the US came up with a series of findings and policies that they recommended to the Iranian development of this weapon (Rubin, 2008). This required the formulation of a report that the country required to adhere to as their development is concerned.

Comparison between the US – German relationship and US – Iran relationship

The US – German relationship and the US – Iran relationship are very different in that, Germany relationship to the US is something that was developed long before even the World War 1. The two countries work side by side and they complement each other wherever this is needed. Both countries have deployed a large number of their troop to the Arab Nation. In addition to that, the two countries have alliance in NATO and the UN.

On the other hand the US – Iran relationship is based on control as the US is trying to get control of most of the Iranian resources. A good example is when the US has to Issue some of their policies in order to guide the way nuclear weapons should be developed by the Iran Nation. While is regarded as a different, when we look at it in terms of business we also find that there is similarity between the two relationships. While the US is trying to control the Iran nuclear development, in one way or another they are also benefiting from them. Iran is one of the oil producers of which their big buyers are the Americans. The US – German relationship is also based on trade.

How the US has changed the way it relates to other countries in the past 20 years

After the cold war US relates with different countries differently. While it wants to control some aspect of some countries, it finds it’s important to have alliance with others. Their alliance with Germany is based on the fact that the two countries are resourceful enough to complement each other while its relationship with the Iranian nation is based on the fact that the country has what they want and at the same time it can be harmful to them.


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