Defining Learning as Object, Essay Example

What is learning?  Learning is the process in which an entity acquires or changes an existing baseline of knowledge.  The knowledge could be that of a set of behaviors or skills as well as functional and preferential aspects regarding the transformation of data and environment.  Learning does not occur instantaneously but involves a perpetual and contextual process that builds upon base knowledge that was already gained, experiences and the collection of processes in the new learning area. There are multiple ways for learning to occur or received by the learner.  The three main types of learning reception include audial, visual and kinesthetic.  Audial learning utilizes the sense of hearing to interpret the action and environment through audible recognition.  Visual utilizes the same principle of audio but relies on visual stimulus.  Kinesthetic learning utilize a hands on approach in which performing an action results in a learned behavior.

There are many types of learning that include but not limited to the major categories such as non-associative learning, associative learning and observational learning.  Out of these areas learning can be broken down into their functional learning areas of cognitive, psychomotor and affective.  The cognitive domain includes areas such as learning to recall events and calculate mathematical problems.  The psychomotor field involves learning to walk, drive, or other physical actions.  The third domain is the affective area which includes learning love, fear or appreciate something.

These areas of learning divides how something is learned and what domain the learning takes places.  Catering the learning styles and area of focus to a targeted market would create a more effective and sustainable learning model.  Tailoring the learning to specific groups would provide a more focused and directed learning scenario which would lead to a greater acceptance of the material and increased knowledge of the recipients.