Democratic Leadership in the Police Force, Research Paper Example

In recent years, police brutality and police abuse has gone to extremes. Citizen are used to protecting themselves from criminal but of late it seems that they should also worry more about protecting themselves from the people who are supposed to be protect them and this are the police (Calton, 2009).

Characteristics of a democratic leadership in the police force  involves less dictatorship and more freedom, democracy believes in people’s strengths and power that people have, and it allows people to exercise their power in their nation, people have the power to speak out their mind (Macht, 2010). If there democratic leadership in the police force fails, it is because people have taken for granted the right and power that comes with democracy; they have taken for granted the freedom that comes with democracy. A democratic leadership in the police force is essential for the benefit of the citizens, the entire state as well as within the force itself. Higher discipline is cultivated as a result of democracy because every member of staff is motivated to express full devotion to duty.

For a democratic police force, they are well manned, they treat people with respect that they deserve, people trust them, people like them, people feel safe around them, they interact with the police without being afraid that they will be brutalized, they are suit to lead, they have the good qualities of a leader, they live as an example to the public (Miler, 2003). They are in all ways different from the dictatorial policeman whose aim is to do anything in his power to get what he wants. They promote corruption by taking brides, they harass innocent citizens they commit murder and get away with it they blame people of crime they did not commit.


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