Designing a Political Party, Essay Example

  1. The name of my newly designed political party is the Social Libertarian Party.
  2. The party’s policies draw more from the original intent of political and social philosophies that have become so distorted in modern politics, and is not only very unique in thought, but universally applicable in design. The major principles of the party revolve around many of the original teachings of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels. In this way, it is ideals are structured very heavily on traditional principles written into the Communist Manifesto. However, the idea of traditional Marxism has been twisted and turned by people like Mao and Lenin into a dictatorship.
  3. On the political spectrum, I would probably fall on the far-left due to the economic policies my party would employ. I feel the party is necessary to allow Americans further civil liberties, while increasing the probability of social mobility as a realistic idea.
  4. (a) This would mean the government owns, and regulates all manufacturing, and specifically the major factors of production necessary for other industries to run.
  5. (b) This creates some insurance a full economic collapse, affecting all industries, cannot happen.
  6. (c) To counter act this extreme control of government, the social aspect is structured completely differently. Libertarianism takes a very “hands-off” approach when policing the individual rights of citizens.
  7. (d) My new party uses the economic principles of socialism–with the idea of a Republic, including elected officials.
  8. Therefore, although I favor extreme government economic control, I disagree with their infringement upon civil liberties.
  9. I currently see no politician that I would be comfortable electing as my Presidential Candidate. If I had to create a person, it would be a blend of Ron Paul, Lieberman, and Bill Clinton.
  10. Ron Paul brings libertarian aspects I like to the table, while Lieberman’s bi-partisan skills have proved his effectiveness. Bill Clinton is probably the most intelligent man on the planet, and would keep in check the full on libertarianism of Ron Paul through his Democratic policies.