Discussion Board, Essay Example

1.Below is the CRAFT Functional Analysis format used to illustrate a bad habit that I have. The purpose is to dissect the microprocesses of my troublesome behavior.  The behavior in which I will be analyzing is procrastination.

External Triggers Internal Triggers Behavior Short-term positive consequences Long-term negative consequences
Who may be causing this?

This is self-inflicted. Possible no parental concern as child with homework or chores`1



Where does this happen?

At school and at home.




When does this happen?


What do you think I am thinking about while I procrastinate?

I don’t feel like doing the task knowing I have more time.



What I am feeling when I procrastinate?

I know I should do it, but I still don’t.








What types of things do I procrastinate on?

School work, chores, paperwork, calling people back.




How much do I procrastinate?

I procrastinate on a daily basis.

What do I like about procrastinating?

I feel like I am more focused when I am under pressure to get something done.




What pleasant thoughts do I have about procrastinating?

I feel more determined.



What physical sensations do I feel while procrastinating?


What do you think are the negative results of procrastinating in each of these areas?



Allows me to keep procrastinating which I will end up hurting close family or friends.



Leads to stress and lack of physical activity.



Things which I need to get done are constantly on my mind.



Not really a concern



Could lead to low satisfaction in my career due to procrastinating important tasks which are due.  The less time I have the less quality the work is.


  1. Thomas Szasz states that mental disease is a “fictious” disease. (Mercer, 2007) I do not agree with his statement.  Mental disease can be genetic and therefore, not fictious.  He also makes a point stating, that the more progressive science comes into psychiatry, the more they believe that mental illness is due to chemical imbalances (Mercer, 2007). I do agree with this. I think that there are chemical imbalances or deficiencies that lead to some mental illnesses.

My thoughts about Todd and Selekman’s ideas were successful and seemed to work well.  I think that their ideas are used today in regard to working with families to establish the authoritative figures as well establish boundaries in the home.  I also feel their ideas are necessary with all the drugs and violence in today’s society.  If an adolescent is drinking there needs to be boundaries set. There are always opposing views and I feel that in order to establish the correct method, it depends on what is going to work for a specific individual.




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