Discussion Paper, Essay Example

  1. How might pricing strategies differ among carriers in perfectly competitive markets, oligopolistic markets, and monopolistic markets?

Basically, the pricing strategies is specifically affected with the kind of market that an organization is involved with. Relatively, in competitive markets, the strategies would specifically be dependent on how the other organizations tend to specifically mange the prices of their products. On the other end in oligopolistic and monopolistic markets, it could be assumed that the aspect of social acceptance and the current economic condition of the nation would be strongly affecting the way the products are priced in the selling market. All these forces from the external matters that operate along with the business organizations all define the condition of pricing that they are to take in relation to other matters specifically existing in the market.

  1. Describe how fuel and labor have impacted motor carrier cost structures and how they have altered motor carrier operations.

Fuel and labor that is used in producing the oil sources specifically create a great impact on how oil is priced in the market which relatively affects the business conditions of motor carrier operations. Understandably, it could be accepted that somehow, the payment for labor and the price for the raw materials for the locating and suction of fuel from the main sources would have a distinct effect on how the motor carriers are able to put prices on their produced automobiles. This condition of pricing is designed to make sure that the market would actually accept what they have to offer.

  1. Railroads have abandoned a significant number of miles of track (over 260,000 miles) since 1916. Why has this trend developed? Will it continue into the future? Why or why not?

The need to make sure that the process of transportation is able to withstand the demand of the public using the services the industry offers. Relatively, the condition of development that the transportation industry takes into consideration affects the overall function of the society. In the future, such development is likely to be pursued especially that the world today is actually taking several steps forward especially in relation to specific assumptions of directing the process of human life relatively connected to the fast paced operations of development.