Elements of Effective Marketing Power, Research Paper Example

Marketing is one of the major elements that businesses mostly consider facilitating their growth. Marketing refers to the process of creating awareness about the existence of certain products or services in the market. It is also the process of convincing people that particular product or services are better and more beneficial than others.  Thus, marketing power refers to the amount of impact yielded by a particular marketing campaign. This impact can be measured in regards to the number of sales increase or the number of people drawn towards liking the products and services (Grosse 45).

Effective marketing power can be realized by laying down certain strategies that will sufficiently make you achieve your business objectives. This greatly depends on a number of factors, which include the nature of products and the existing demand on the market for them. In addition, the strategies put in place to run the marketing campaign can be of immense importance. These include the nature of persons selected and the time selected for the marketing. The medium through which the marketing is carried out also counts an outstanding deal. It has to be one through which the targeted people can be easily accessed.

The greatest marketing strategy revolves around reaching the targeted audience at the required time and sufficiently communicating to them regarding your products and services. Marketing has evolved over the years, and new concepts are currently being introduced to increase the marketing power. These concepts make marketing easy, cheap, and time saving. The days when people would be sent to go out into fields and find a market for company products are fast fading. The use of social media in marketing is one of the greatest trends that most businesses are using to achieve the most effective marketing results. It has facilitated the speed at which buyers and sellers interact to exchange their goods and services.

The latest business trend that profoundly yields a whopping marketing power is the incorporation of social media. The introduction of IT has fast changed things in the world of business, and it is one of the key determinants of the direction the businesses will take in the future. To nearly perfection, most businesses are currently using or in the process of incorporating the various social medias strategies to enable them achieve the exceptionally best results.  The internet has brought together people from various places and with various needs. All these can be easily accessed on the internet. The internet is thus one of the best platforms for interactions between buyers and sellers.

Social media sites like facebook and twitter form one of the major places where people interact.  With slightly over one billion members, facebook is one of the best places to find your desired audience.  You can rely on the applications and the cool features like the “like” button to have your products and services draw attention from many people. With many people, liking your product you can be certain of finding a suitable traffic to your site hence great sales. A business can therefore, open a page on any of these social Medias then post its products and services for people to see and like (Zarrella 13). Other social media strategies include the application of Search engine optimization (SEO) to gain fast page ranking on the search engines. This comes after creating a robust website for your business, then coming up with good keyword selection alongside scrumptious SEO strategies. Integration of these can lead towards attaining the best ranking on the various social media. The point where most people mess is when it comes to friendliness of the site navigation. It is worth noting that not every person is a computer wizard. Therefore, a friendly interface should be used to allow them gain access to the various products and services your business engages in.

Take for instance the Sensodyne toothpaste, which at its initial stages, the company could hire people to walk from door to door to promote it. The introduction of social media changed a lot in regards to the manner in which it is advertised. It thus forms one of the major adverts on the television stations, a strategy that makes it attract a large number of people (The nation 25). The GlaxoSmithKline Company CEO, the company in charge of Sensodyne toothpaste has reported great increase in profits both locally and internationally, due to the great marketing power in social media.

In conclusion, for a company to achieve the greatest marketing power, the aspects of time and marketing strategies must be greatly considered. The strategy selected should take little time to accomplish the targeted marketing results. This will ensure great results in terms of the number of customers and sales volume are achieved. Current marketing should also be used to find the most desirable results. Application of the current trends will enable a business to compete favorably in the market and will also make it flexible enough to changes that take place from time to time. To achieve the greatest marketing power, a business must be keen to apply these strategies and closely observe the marketing trends to stay up to date with all the new trends.

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