Entrepreneurship Reflection, Essay Example

I. Key Messages From the Class

  1. Entrepreneurs play an important role in the global economy
  2. A variety of disciplines can be included in the study of entrepreneurship
  3. Many things learned in this class can apply to real world situations
  4. Skills in managing early-stage, technology-loaded, fast-growing companies are essential for success

II. Relevant Messages to Corporate Life

  1. Perception, understanding, and management of risk

a. Allows entrepreneurs to analyze situations and think critically about problem solving

b. Proves entrepreneurs with skills necessary to conduct our own original research

2. Identification, communication, and capture of activities

a. Effective communication allows entrepreneurs to express our ideas more effectively

b. Adequate identification of ideas allows entrepreneurs to determine their standing in their market and interpret possibilities for competition

3. Management of innovation

a. Management of innovate allows entrepreneurs to recognize what current market wants and needs are present

b. Creating innovation or patenting it before others allows entrepreneurs to stay ahead of their competition; leads to additional profit