Environmental Issues, Thesis Paper Example

As the use of technology becomes more prevalent, our need to monitor human impact on the environment also increases. Although technological advances make our lives easier, it is essential to understand how production of these items negatively impacts our planet. Factories that produce these products produce a large quantity of pollution that ranges from carbon dioxide emissions to paper waste products that deplete both the ozone layer and Earth’s forests. Therefore, it’s essential to educate others on the harmful effects of factory pollution and find ways to reverse the impact of this waste on our environment. To do so, we must we must begin by educating our youth about the consequences of pollution and determine effective ways to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide in the air.

Many people today don’t believe that global warming exists and is a threat to our environment. Despite this, there is clear evidence that the Earth’s temperatures are changing, seawater levels are rising, and the ozone layer is shrinking. In order to dispel any myths that exist against global warming, we must educate our nation’s youth while they are still in school. I therefore propose the addition of an environmental science course at the elementary level. In addition to learning basic math, language, and history, students will be required to learn the basic science skills that will enable them to interpret scientific evidence on their own and draw their own sound conclusions. Since youth are the future of this country, educating on them on these issues early can have a positive effect on environmental policy in the future.

Next, we must find a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. These emissions create holes in the ozone layer which decreases protection from the sun’s UV rays. To do so, we must petition and lobby against factories that produce a significant amount of pollution. Many will not want to comply, but it is important to explain to them that there are clean energy alternatives that will allow them to continue their business as before and have a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth. Lobbying against these factories may help enact a national policy that will require them to find ways to produce their technology and products in a way that will minimally impact the environment.

In conclusion, although factories that produce technology are harmful to the environment, there are ways to persuade these companies to switch to clean energy that will help protect the Earth. These strategies include educating youth, lobbying against factories that cause pollution, and trying to persuade factories to use clean energy. While this may not be enough to completely undo the effects of global warming, it’s certainly a start. It is essential for everyone to understand the importance of the environment and how our daily activities can contribute to its demise; only then can we start to make a true difference.