European Commission: Corporate Social Responsibility, Essay Example

The European Commission defines corporate social responsibility as the enterprises responsibility for the impacts on society. As such, enterprises need to integrate social, environmental, and ethnic rights of humans and concerns of consumers into the operations of the business. In addition, the core strategy should be in close collaboration with stakeholders. For example, Heineken has resorted in providing their African employees and dependents with expensive HIV/AIDS medication. Other tobacco firms like Philip Morris have used philanthropic activities in their advertising and marketing concepts.

Tyson Hunger Relief is a company that has been able to tie its efforts of corporate social responsibility to its core mission. Brand effort of Tyson looks into relieving and ending hunger among children, which has been achieved. In the past years through the integration of social media into efforts of hunger relief, the company has been able to reduce the number of children going hungry. The social media platform began the campaign by stringing extraordinary smart and effective efforts in community enlisting. For instance, in Austin, it launched a campaign that agreed to donate chickens worth 100 pounds to Texas, the Capital Area Food Bank for every comment posted on its blog page. The total comments received totaled to 658 within two hours and thus, they loaded the trucks with chicken to be delivered to the hungry. This successful strategy was repeated in San Francisco and Boston. This saw to the launch of a video contest that was user-generated in Minnesota.

From this, company is said to be experiencing a high level of performance for moral and ethical concerns. In the end, this sponsored a day of service for its team of social media experts. CSR aims at enhancing positive impacts and minimize or prevent on the negative impacts. For example, positive impacts reflect on new product and or service innovation beneficial to both companies and societies.

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