Goals, Essay Example

Everybody makes goals. We make educational goals, career goals, and life and family goals. My educational goals first include obtaining a bachelor’s degree. After that, I may go on to graduate school, to further learning in what I hope to become my professional area after college. It is not set in stone, but I am considering how a master’s degree could help me towards my career goals. Short term, I aim to obtain employment in my degree field within six months of graduation. It is a personal goal of mine to achieve significant recognition in my field within 10 years. I would like to end my career in the top 10 percent of earners for my field. Though my career goals will require a significant amount of time and dedication, I do plan to marry and have a family.

Achieving these goals will take a lot of hard work and having the right tools, such as knowing one’s learning style, is imperative. I am an auditory learner, which means I learn best by listening and audible methods. Auditory learners often like to read aloud, enjoy giving oral reports, and repeat phone numbers, names and other facts out loud as a method of remembering them.

Auditory learners study best by using word association and spoken repetition and are a great addition in study groups. Traditional spoken lectures are beneficial to auditory learners. In note taking, using a digital recorder in order to play back lectures later is helpful. Outside of the classroom, auditory learners can maximize interactions with others by immediately saying the names of people they meet, to remember them easier. This trick can be used to remember important notes about people or projects also.