Government and Health Care, Research Paper Example

The United States government has a huge role in the health care of its citizens. Via the International Revenue System, citizens of the United States pay taxes- some of which are allocated each year towards public health care for the people of the U.S. The expectation is that taxpayers will ensure that people are not denied necessary health care. Besides providing the public with affordable health insurance, it is also the responsibility of the U.S. government to ensure the quality of the the public health care institutions across America.The United States, unlike most industrialized nations, uses a non-universal healthcare system. This means that by law, the government is not required to provide healthcare to all of it’s citizens.

The role of government is to determine how health care is to be paid for, how health care is to be managed and operated in a public setting, how public health care workers receive compensation and how insurance plans can be operated. In a public healthcare system set up by the government, doctors, nurses and pharmacists (public health care employees) are paid by the government. The government does this by collecting taxes from the citizens and selling insurance at astronomical costs.

The government is not only responsible for providing health care for it’s citizens, but it is also responsible for providing quality health care. Health care quality is an alarming issue in this country. For example, a paper that can be found on the website for the Center for Disease Control claims that over 90,000 people a year die from infections contracted in public hospitals.