Health Care Human Resource: Making or Buying the Staff and the Administrative, Research Paper Example

The process of hiring administrative team for the organization, it is imperative to note that the staff can make the organization have competitive advantage over the other firms in the industry. The firm will there ensure that the best managers and staff are recruited in the new line of service. This will come from both the process of buying staff and gradually making own staff who are qualified in the sector (Jones, & Gareth, 2004).

For a new service line, it is more beneficial to the organization to make or develop its own staff. This is because, the company will be able to have loyal staff that have grown in the system and understand the culture of the organization. One advantage of making the staff is that the salary cost will be lower compared with the technical staff that is bought. The staff that are developed by the company will have to be given technical training win the new line of business.

Buying the staff and the administrative can be fast and efficient way of having the staff who are fully qualified and have long term experience in the operating the new line of service. Since this is a new line of service, it will be difficult getting staff with the needed technical skills internally will be a challenge (Michael, Stewart, & Lyman, 2004). The staff that is bought will still has to be trained in the organization culture. Organizations work differently and even with the right technical skill, the staff that are bought will need support in the process of settling in a new organization with new structures and communication system and values.

  • What are the values and the limitations of the formal annual type performance appraisal?

There is an ongoing debate about the value and limitation of conducting performance appraisals at the annually. Performance appraisal is the process of evaluation of how employees perform their jobs over a given period of time. It has been considered as repot of how the employee performed throughout the year.

However it has been noted that not all performance appraisals done annually have the same effect, this is because the structure used in conducting some annual appraisals not only make them to fail in measuring performance but also have the effect of creating negative experience to both the manager and the worker.

Some of the values of performance management include the fact that they provide a record of employees performance over a period of time and also gives the employee the opportunity of meeting and discussing the performance feedback so that proper mechanism  for completing the tasks. The records of the performance are very important for promotion and filling strategic positions in the company that need loyal people (Gary, Martin & Timothy, 2006). The annual performance appraisal also provides the enable the employee to seek clarification on the task and has been effectively used to provide opportunity to effective employees and motivation for the other employees. Another advantage is that it enables the organization to reward the employees who have contributed to its profitability.

On the other hand, if the performance appraisal are not done properly, it has can provide very negative experience for all the parties. This is because the evaluation is based on human judgment and is affected by biases and rater errors. Another disadvantage of the process is that it can be time consuming especially to a manager with many employees (Judge, Timothy, &Herbert 2006).

In conclusion, the performance appraisal is only as effective as the entire performance management system of the organization.


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