Healthy People 2020, Essay Example

Although Healthy People 2020 aims to launch many primary prevention initiatives, one primary prevention objective that is considered to be of particular importance is injury and violence prevention (, 2010). Injury and violence prevention meets the criteria of primary prevention because an intervention of perfect efficacy should completely prevent the occurrence of death and injury related to accidents and intentional acts of violence.

According to the Healthy People 2020 website, it is important to monitor and prevent unintentional accidents and injuries and acts of violence because this is among one of the top 15 causes of death for American children and adults (, 2010). The negative consequences of this kind of injury include premature death, higher than normal medical costs, poor mental health, and lost productivity. The healthy people initiative hopes to prevent injury and violence by educating people about what they can do to remain safe and creating programs that will dissuade people from committing violent crimes.

One World Health Organization primary prevention initiative that is currently underway is the prevention and control of chronic respiratory disease in developing countries. Although lower respiratory tract infections, chronic obstructive coronary disease, tuberculosis, and lung cancer are health issues worldwide, many of these respiratory illnesses are becoming increasingly prevalent in developing nations. Through more efficient surveillance programs, the WHO aims to reduce the level of exposures of individuals in at risk populations; these risk factors include but are not limited to tobacco, nutrition deficiency, respiratory infections during childhood, and air pollution (WHO, 2002).

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